Cut Out Cardboard Letters 6669689

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Cut Out Cardboard Letters 6669689
PSD PNG | 927 mb

This is a collection of75 high resolution letters, numbers and symbolscut out from cardboard and then optically captured using Canon 5D MKII camera, edited and isolated using Adobe Photoshop. You will get one large PSD file with every letter, number and symbol and their shadows on a separate layer. Each letter is also saved in a separate PNG file with tranparent background. Put in on top of any photo or artwork. There is also a Scene creator with 2 paper, 2 cardboard backgrounds and a solid colour background.

75 Characters (Letters, Numbers, Punctuation, Symbols and Special Characters)
Scene creator with 4 types of background + any colour background (300 DPI, 5616x3744 px)
All the characters in 1 PSD file (300 DPI, 2372x2764 px)
75 transparent background PNG files with shadows


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